Remembering George


December 21. The shortest day of the year. The longest night. The greatest darkness.

How fitting that this day is National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day. Across the country, memorial services honor and remember those who have died in the past year while experiencing homelessness. Continue reading

A Tree of One’s Own


One of the first Christmas specials I remember was Charles Schulz’s classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The centerpiece of the story is the tree Charlie Brown picks out to decorate the gang’s Christmas pageant. Continue reading

Take Advantage


We know that our entire lives can change in an instant. This truth has been hammered home for me in the past few months as things I’d considered constant have shifted, some irrevocably and others for the time being. As I grapple with new demands, figuring out new ways to balance, I find myself thinking with longing of times past when things seemed easier simply because they didn’t include today’s obligations. Not that I thought of them as easier times then; rather, at those times, I longed for other, different circumstances. Continue reading

A Couple of Reasons to Take a Class


There are tons of excellent reasons to take classes, including:

  • You can learn something;
  • You can improve a skill you already had;
  • You can meet people who are interested in the same things as you;
  • You can have fun.

Another reason, less frequently touted, is this: you might write something that gets published and earns you a few bucks. Continue reading

Submitting Stories: A Few Thoughts


This afternoon, I woke from a nap and checked my email (as one does). Among the messages, two stood out.

One was a very kind rejection from a literary magazine.

The other was an acceptance from Intrinsick, an online literary journal.

Continue reading


front door with autumn wreath

Over the past several days, I had occasion to be involved in a conversation about favorites.

The person who asked the initial question, a relative newcomer to the group, began a thread asking people to identify their favorite stories in the subject fandom. Her intention was to spark discussion. In this she succeeded brilliantly. Continue reading



Last weekend, I did something unusual: I ate breakfast at the coffee shop near my house. Continue reading