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My Brother, Romeo

Two brothers, unalike in nearly every way,

In a small town in California, where we lay our scene,

From cattle roundups to Shakespeare’s famous balcony,

Where brotherly blood must overcome all obstacles

Lest the show not go on.


A delightful little novella for everyone who has ever had a sibling who drove them crazy.

When rancher Dave Hunter and his younger brother, Pete, get roped into a misbegotten small-town production of Romeo and Juliet, their longtime inability to communicate with each other threatens to tank the performance, destroy their already rocky relationship—and possibly get one of them killed.

With much ado about everything, P. Jo Anne Burgh expertly maneuvers these star-crossed brothers through a lighthearted tangle of conflicts from auditions to opening night. Because when Shakespeare comes to town, everybody is in for quite a ride.


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