How Mount St. Helens Broke My Wine Glass: A Story in Pictures

Once upon a time, there was a lovely glass of inexpensive pinot grigio:


The glass sat next to a statuette made from the ash of Mount St. Helens:


The clumsy person who was drinking the wine tipped the glass over. She reached for it, but not before it knocked against the statuette. At first, it appeared that all was well, but what the drinker didn’t know was that the impact of the fragile glass against the rock-hard statuette was fatal to the wineglass.   

Moments later, just as it seemed all was well, the bowl of the wineglass fell off, and the wine poured out the hole in the bottom of the bowl

Moral of the story: if you’re in possession of fragile glassware and rock-hard figurines, there are benefits to drinking white wine rather than red:

wine-stained sofa