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Creativity on display

For everyone (like me) who’s ever wondered how composers create pieces with all those different parts, here’s your chance to watch it happen. In this video, the Artistic Advisor for the National Symphony Orchestra, Ben Folds, composes a song – including orchestration – before a live audience in ten minutes. Enjoy and marvel!

Credit: Kennedy Center (Facebook page)

4 thoughts on “Creativity on display

  1. The creative process is made up of some talent, some practice, some focus, some desire, a lot of effort and a little bit of magic.It’s not often that we get a chance to see it unfold in public because most of us are not brave enough to display our stumbles and false starts for all to see. Ben Folds is either freakishly talented, remarkably confident or totally committed to his art and its craft. I think it’s a combination of the three. Bravo, Ben! What a show!


    • I can’t imagine being willing to show a first draft to anyone, especially where it’s based on someone else’s ideas, includes various voices, and has to be created on the post. Remarkable, indeed!


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