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Moving Home (summary version)


Days since pack-in: 6

Nights sleeping in the hotel: 68

Nights sleeping in my own home since leaving the hotel: 6

Number of carloads to empty hotel room: 5 (including one load of cats in carriers)


Packing boxes emptied: 60 (so far)

IMG_2041 (2)

Paintings hung/placed: 2

Wreaths hung: 1

Hanging hutches hung: 1

hanging hutch

Battery-operated candles placed in windows: 12

Christmas cards sent: 0

Shower curtain rods hung: 1

Wastebaskets that were packed with the trash still in them: 1


Windows where curtains/draperies have been hung: 3

Drycleaning bags containing clothes, linens, comforters, and pillows emptied, with hangers and ID tags removed: dozens (didn’t keep track)

Hours spent unpacking and/or rearranging items misplaced by cleaning crews: countless

Chance of putting up the Christmas tree: not good, but still holding out hope

Wonderful friends who have donated time to help with the unpacking and/or moving: 4

Household members who are thrilled to be home: 5 feline, 1 human




8 thoughts on “Moving Home (summary version)

  1. If only the mess would take care of itself! The packing team estimated that there were about 100 boxes, but that didn’t include the ones from the dry cleaners. Still, it’s good progress in less than a week, and we are indeed thrilled to be home.


    • In all fairness, the fire was on October 5. People who have been through it have told me that being home in 10 weeks is amazingly fast for a house fire, so I’m trying not to get too impatient about the unpacking. Also, as I keep trying to remind myself, if they’re right about 100 boxes, I’m more than halfway there. Regardless–I’m home for Christmas!


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