What a Difference a Year Makes

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The past twelve months have been a roller-coaster for practically everybody I know. Maybe this is true of every year, but for me, 2018 (including the tail end of 2017) has included more dramatic shifts than usual. Continue reading

Moving Home (summary version)


Days since pack-in: 6

Nights sleeping in the hotel: 68 Continue reading

How to Live in a Hotel



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Remember Eloise, the little girl who lived at The Plaza in New York? Granted, Eloise was a six-year-old who lived in the penthouse at a luxury hotel, not a temporarily-displaced writer with five cats who is trying to juggle a day job, regular day-to-day minutiae, and all the calls and texts and emails and errands that accompany crisis management. Still, I can’t help thinking that her experience is ever so slightly different from mine. Continue reading



The thing I miss most in a hotel: fresh air.

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Life, Interrupted

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Two weeks and four days since the fire. Another four to six weeks until I move home (a fact I learned on Friday, when I thought I was on the cusp of returning).

When you’re not in your own home, your own workplace, your own world, one of the first things you discover is that everything takes five times as long to accomplish. At home, rituals and shortcuts and routines that can be executed without thought. Away from home, there are all sorts of steps: Continue reading