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The New Tenants, Part 3: A Puzzlement

So here’s a mystery. Last Thursday, the nest held five eggs.

eggs 5-25-18

This morning, there are only four.

four eggs 5-29-18

There’s no sign of any broken egg in the nest or on the step below. There’s no hatchling hanging out with his unhatched siblings. The nest is too high for the neighbor’s cat to reach even if Cosmo were interested in eggs. I haven’t heard any strange noises, such as one might expect if a bird were trying to steal an egg.

And here’s another oddity. Mama—who spent most of the weekend on the nest—left when I opened the front door nearly three hours ago, and she’s only just come back. I can hear birds all over the yard, but no undue levels of squawking. Granted, it’s a mild day, but leaving her eggs untended for this long is unusual.

Do you suppose they’ve been reading this blog, and they think I’m planning to evict them so I can use the front door? Or maybe Hatchling Protective Services dropped by and told them they couldn’t crowd so many kids into one nest, and so they’ve moved one of the eggs to their new (bigger) nest. Or maybe they don’t like having the paparazzi snapping photos of their family.

As the King of Siam said, “Is a puzzlement.”


4 thoughts on “The New Tenants, Part 3: A Puzzlement

  1. I highly suspect house wrens (many videos exist of them snatching rival eggs out of nests and flying off to drop them [nasty assassins of the bird world who work to eliminate all rivals) or chipmunks. They love to eat bird eggs and climb like ninjas.


    • What wretched beasts! Poor Mama Finch. I hope she’s able to protect the rest of the eggs. And I hope the neighbor’s cat chases that nasty little monster into the next county!


  2. Chipmunks are indeed a bane on peaceful yards everywhere. 🤨 I did not know this about house wrens, however. Fingers crossed for the others!


    • We certainly have our fair share of chipmunks around here, but I haven’t heard anybody climbing the screen or anything like that. I would think that if that happened, the cats would be riveted to the door (and would alert me). According to my research, the eggs still have another week or so to go before hatching. Fingers crossed, indeed!


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