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The New Tenants: Third Bird’s the Charm–Or Is It?

Earlier today, I proclaimed the joyful news:

Number Three has hatched!


Number Four had better hurry up, because his siblings are hungry little buggers who will crowd him out to get to the food!


Several hours later, I checked the nest again, and I beheld this unexpected sight:

6-7-18 6-44pm - two eggs again

So, what was going on earlier? Were these two little scoundrels sitting on the other eggs? Were they trying to hide their unhatched siblings, hogging the limelight (and lunch) for themselves?

Or did one of them go online, see the state of the world, and decide to crawl back into his shell? (Can’t really blame him for that, but it would be kind of weird, if only because the last time I checked, the WiFi signal didn’t reach outside. Also, birds can’t read.)

Stay tuned for the next episode of the avian world’s hottest new reality show, “Really, How Many Eggs Are There?”


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