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The New Tenants: Watch the Birdies!

Question of the day:   Are the baby finches crowding the last egg, or is it possible that Number Four has finally hatched?

To recap, the eggs were in the nest by May 23. The first one hatched on June 5, nine days ago, with Number Two following a day later. Then we had the mystery of whether Number Three had hatched or not; on Tuesday of this week, it appeared he’d finally shown up:

6-12-18 - edited

This morning, this is how the nest looked. Given the way they messed with me about Number Three, I can’t help wondering: has Number Four hatched, or are they playing birdie games again? Because if you can figure out how many unhatched little ones are in this photo, you’re doing better than I am.

6-14-18 - edited

Stay tuned for the latest episode of “Who the Heck Lives Here, Anyway?”

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