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On Veterans Day, Another List

My grandfather at Quantico, age twenty-one


Last time, I wrote about lists. This time, on the day when we honor all who are serving or have served, whether active duty, discharged, retired, lost, in reserves, or supporting service people (such as those amazing military families), here’s a different list.

This is a list of everyone I know (personally or through others) who deserve to be honored on this sacred day.

Note: because some may prefer not to be publicly acknowledged, I am listing them by how I know them.


Dad, who will always be a Marine

Pap, my mother’s father (pictured), who served during the years of WWI

Uncle Bob, Dad’s youngest brother

Uncle Punch, Dad’s eldest brother

Uncle Dick, Dad’s second brother

Uncle Don, Mom’s brother-in-law

My friend Lee’s husband, Joe

Lee’s dad

Lee’s mom

My friend Donna’s dad

My friend Kathleen’s eldest son and his wife (both retired from service), and their incredible family 

Kathleen’s second son (still active duty) and his amazing family, who continue even now to sacrifice so many things the rest of us take for granted in order that he might serve

My friend, Wally, who leads worship at our church

The owner of the local UPS store, who served in Vietnam

My former opposing counsel, Walt

My friend, Kim

My former pastor, Gregg

My friend Yvonne’s husband, Steve

My friend, Al


I’ve undoubtedly failed to mention a lot of people. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section, whether they’re people who should be on my list or people who are on yours. They all deserve to be commemorated on this Veterans Day.

To all named, and to all whose names are known only to God:

Thank you.
We are forever in your debt.

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