The Mystery of the Soggy Air Handler

Photo credit: Keiteu Ko on Unsplash

When we last met, I recounted the tale of how my air handler turned itself on late one frigid night.

(To digress: I have since learned that some people are not familiar with air handlers. An air handler is the big metal box in the attic that contains the wiring for the fan which is part of the central air conditioning system. Without the air handler to—well, handle the air—none of the cool air created by the compressor (which sits outside) would actually get distributed through the house. I don’t blame you if you didn’t know. Until my first air handler caught fire, I didn’t know either, and the thing had been in my attic for seventeen years.)

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Carol card

Different people have different views about what makes you an adult. In the Jewish tradition, it’s when you turn thirteen and have your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. Many girls hear “you’re becoming a woman!” when they have their first period. Still others claim adulthood begins the first time you have sex, or get married, or become a parent. Continue reading