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Celebrating, Part 2.5: When Lightning Strikes Twice

lightning strike twice

A couple weeks ago, I shared the big news that my novel placed as a finalist in the Faulkner-Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.

And now, there’s more news, because today, the novella lists were posted, and . . .

novella heading - FW competition 2018

novella listing - FW competition 2018

Yes, friends—two manuscripts, two separate categories, one competition–and both finalists!


The funny part is that the novella started its life many years ago as a fan fiction story. On a whim, I converted it to original fiction (which is more complicated than it sounds). Never did I dream that it would end up in such impressive company!


Since the Faulkner-Wisdom is for unpublished manuscripts, this means there’s still a lot of work to do. Novellas are a lot harder to sell than novels. Agents generally aren’t interested, nor are most publishers, especially from debut authors. These days, most novellas end up being indie-published, often as e-books. Of course, other novellas have been self-published, and they’ve done okay. Such as. . . .


Obviously, there are many decisions ahead for my little novella, but that’s for tomorrow. Today, we celebrate!

celebrate with group

11 thoughts on “Celebrating, Part 2.5: When Lightning Strikes Twice

    • Bless you, my friend! You’ve been one of my great encouragers ever since those earliest fanfic days. Many, many thanks for years of support and encouragement!


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