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What a Difference a Year Makes

front door

The past twelve months have been a roller-coaster for practically everybody I know. Maybe this is true of every year, but for me, 2018 (including the tail end of 2017) has included more dramatic shifts than usual.

Witness some of the most obvious changes:


Living room – December 10, 2017



Living room – December 12, 2017


living room 12-9-18

Living room – today



Front hall – December 12, 2017


front hall 12-9-18 - 2

Front hall – today



Bedroom – December 12, 2017


bedroom - Livy 12-9-18 - 2

Bedroom – today

Moving out of the hotel presented its own challenges: 


But at long last, we were on our way home:

IMG_2022 - resized

Unpacking wasn’t always easy, but with the help of some dear friends, it was eventually finished:


It’s been a long and challenging road. But now, after all this and much more, I’m grateful to say the most beautiful words of all:

It’s Christmas, and we’re home.


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