The Accidental Habit

Photo credit: Dex Ezekiel on Unsplash

So this is weird.

Last night, I was completely ready to be done with this #1000wordsofsummer challenge. This evening, as I watched the news and late-night television for the first time in ages, I wasn’t even thinking of writing.

But then . . . I found myself wanting to write.

Okay, fine.

I thought about working on a story I started ages ago, but then . . . I had the urge to work on the book. To continue where I’d left off.

Okay, still fine.

I opened the document. I edited a couple of words in the scene, just because I didn’t have to care about word counts. Then, I began to write. Everything was going along normally, but then . . . I noticed the word count.


Yes, friends. In fact . . .

You didn’t.

I did.

I wrote 1,004 words.

Maybe it’s a fluke. Maybe I felt like writing precisely because I didn’t have the pressure of a deadline or challenge. Or maybe I’ve actually formed a habit.

I remember reading in one of the daily encouragement emails that the purpose of the challenge was to develop a writing practice. To be honest, I didn’t start the challenge to develop a practice; I did it to make progress on my book.

The challenge may have outsmarted me.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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