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Guest Post: A Word from Our Managing Editor

The managing editor of Tuxedo Cat Press would like to share a few thoughts.


Dear Readers,

My name is Charlotte Antoinette Burgh. Once upon a time, I was a pregnant stray. Then, I was a shelter kitty, waiting to be adopted while my adorable little kittens easily found homes.

Today, I am the managing editor of Tuxedo Cat Press.

It wasn’t an easy road. My time on the streets was rocky. In addition to getting knocked up, I got into a few scuffles that left me with a scar on my nose and another on my eye. Not terrible, but enough that some potential adopters didn’t think I was pretty enough.

Screw them. I’m gorgeous.

I met my mom when the shelter held a pop-up cat café. She didn’t care about my scars; she saw me for who I really was. (She’s a sap, but let’s just keep that between us.) When we started Tuxedo Cat Press, she wanted to use my photo on the website.

She wanted me to be the face of the company.

Me. A former shelter cat. With scars on her face.

Because she thinks I’m beautiful.

Scratch that. She knows I’m beautiful.

I take my responsibilities as managing editor seriously. Right now, I’m pushing Mom to finish editing her novella, My Brother, Romeo. It’s a fun little story, and I think you’ll like it. I’ll tell you more about it when we get a few more things firmed up, but we’re shooting for a fall release.

In the meantime, I’ve got a few projects going so I can remind everybody that TCP’s first book, State v. Claus, is available in both paperback and ebook. It’s a fantastic story all year round—one of our readers called it “the perfect grownup fairytale!” Still, with Christmas coming, it’s an extra-perfect read, and I’m working on a few things to get the word out.

Because I’m not just a former shelter kitty with a few scars. I’m smart, and I’m special. And I’m beautiful.

I’m Charlotte. The managing editor of Tuxedo Cat Press.

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