Thoughts After Twenty-Six Years of Self-Employment

Photo credit: Austin Neill on Unsplash

If you’d asked me twenty-six years ago where I thought I’d be today, working in my mechanic’s waiting room would not have been one of the answers.

Here I am anyway.

Turns out, flexibility of location is an enormous benefit of self-employment. You learn to work practically anywhere: in my office, a client’s office, the aforesaid mechanic’s waiting room. In libraries, airports, airplanes. In restaurants, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, churches. On my porch, at my mother’s house, in the back of an airport limousine. Pretty much anyplace with a flat surface is a place where I can work. (I once took a stack of documents to a dance recital so I could keep reading while waiting for the curtain to rise.)

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Photo credit: Junior Moran on Unsplash

Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” While he was not writing under circumstances even remotely resembling the events I am about to relate, I almost feel as if I understand a little better today the sentiment he expressed more than 265 years ago.

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