Pool Life

Grange Pool by me

Last week, I went swimming for the first time in years.

In my town, there are several options for people who want to swim. There’s a small rectangular pool near my house, the Grange Pool, with a separate round wading pool for the babies. At the other end of town is Addison Pool, which is larger and much more heavily kid-populated. The pool at the high school is the only indoor one; I haven’t been there, but I’m told is regulation-size and open year-round. Eastbury Pond, which is sand-bottomed and reminds me of the town swimming hole where I grew up, is ideal for those who want to go to the beach but don’t feel like driving an hour to get there. Cotton Hollow Preserve, located next to the Grange Pool, includes trails I’ve hiked as well as a swimming hole that seems to be popular with the high school crowd.

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Everyone has a cherished place where they can get away from the world. When I was eight, it was the upstairs bathroom with no windows and the door locked, where I could read in peace and dream of the day when I would no longer have to share a bedroom with my sister. Fifty years later, with an entire house to myself, my special getaway place is a mere thirty-five minutes from home: The Spa At Norwich Inn.



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