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#1000wordsofsummer 2022, Day Two

Photo credit: ottlukas14 on Pixabay

Did it again today. This time, I did add words to my novel, although I cheated slightly because I used material I’d dictated on the Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend while I planted my window boxes.

Dictating has plusses and minuses. The plus side is that you get to record the thoughts as you’re having them. The minus is that sometimes when you go back over that material, you find very little worth keeping, and you wind up editing the crap out of it until it’s practically new anyway. Granted, it’s not as if I found nothing at all when I went back to my dictated material, but I feel fairly confident I’d have come up with something very similar if I’d simply sat down with the computer now instead of telling my story (and remembering to dictate “paragraph” and such) several days ago while mixing potting soil with vermiculite.

In any case, that’s Day Two. Twelve to go. Wish me luck.

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