#1000wordsofsummer 2022, Day Four

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Today’s 1,000 words was originally meant to be a blog post about the latest family drama surrounding my father’s upcoming memorial service. By the time I reached the end, though, I no longer felt the need to share it. Writing it out—venting on the screen—proved to be sufficient, and I do not need to dwell on it any longer.

The late great Laurie Colwin wrote in her final novel about the difference between family by chance—the one you’re born into—and family by choice. Some people are close to their families by chance. When there has been a loss or other major event, they find comfort in drawing together. I, however, have found the most comfort in communications with my friends a/k/a my chosen family. I have received beautiful email condolences, thoughtful messages and posts, and several phone calls. I’ve been offered dinner by a couple people, wine by several, and prayer support by many. More than a few have invited me to contact them 24/7 if I should need to talk or vent. Notwithstanding the family drama, I feel supported and cared for as I approach what I expect will be one of the hardest days of my life.

Thank you, my dear friends, my family by choice.

Life, Interrupted

Carol card

Two weeks and four days since the fire. Another four to six weeks until I move home (a fact I learned on Friday, when I thought I was on the cusp of returning).

When you’re not in your own home, your own workplace, your own world, one of the first things you discover is that everything takes five times as long to accomplish. At home, rituals and shortcuts and routines that can be executed without thought. Away from home, there are all sorts of steps: Continue reading

The Magic of the Hour


“I don’t have time to write!”

If I were to conduct a scientific survey of the reasons people who say they want to be writers don’t write, I’ll bet that this would be #1. There are plenty of others—family and work would likely rank as #2 and 3–but as often as not, I imagine those would be tied into #1.

It doesn’t help that books and articles routinely bombard the poor time-deprived writer with advice that seems impossible to follow. In predictable, frustrating, and often sanctimonious fashion, nearly all of them proclaim the same thing: Writers write. If you want to be a writer, you must find or make the time to write. Continue reading